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New Outdoor Soccer League Start Date

Location is Trendwood Park 132nd & Pacific

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April 14th & 16th on Monday & Wednesday nights 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm game start times.

***Player Misconduct***

Players who use foul language directed at a ref or threatening language will be given (1) warning for first offense and on the second offense the player will be given a (2) minute penalty. If a player continues to verbally or physically abuse the ref that player will be given a RED CARD and required to leave the field area and the offending player's team will play the remainder of the game a player short.

***Ask The Ref***

What is a Hand Ball and when should it be called?

I would like to provide some clarification on what a "Hand Ball" is and isn't. Read More here.

Dangerous Play Clarification

ISC wants to make a clarification of a rule concerning a couple of types of "Dangerous Play" or sliding or heading the ball. Read More here.

What is Advantage?

Another rule that seems to need clairification and when it can be used. Read More here.

Alternate Sports Center

Forget about all the Gym advertising gimmicks $9.99/month!! Soccer is the best form of exercise to get toned. Read More here.

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